declutter home minimalismIf you’ve found my post on ‘5 Everyday Routines To Reduce Clutter’ and mastered those, here are 5 MORE everyday routines to reduce clutter. The excess things in your home can negatively impact the ability to concentrate and focus, and it actually causes your brain to experience stress. Don’t we all want our homes to be a place where we can relax and enjoy ourselves? Make your space more minimalist with these tips.

By clearing our homes of chaos and unneeded mess, it makes for a more clear, organized and peaceful home.

1. Keep the kitchen counter clear.

Do you think your kitchen is too small? If you do, then chances are your counters are filled with too much clutter. Counters full of clutter can make meal preparation more complicated than it needs to be. Think about storing smaller kitchen appliances in the cupboard in order to keep them out of sight and to create a clear surface. This will also give you more space to work in the kitchen, resulting in easier meal prep and clean-up.

2. Go through your closet and get rid of 5 items.

You can probably get rid of more than 5. Especially look for clothing that doesn’t fit properly or that is too worn- those are the easiest to get rid of straight away.

3. Make specific spaces for your child’s toys.

If there is one box for blocks, one box for stuffed animals, one box for crafts, it’s easier to clean up the toys. When you child is clearly done with one activity, encourage them to put it away before beginning the next game.

4. Look up your local goodwill or thrift store.

Where is the closest drop box? Chances are, there is one close to you, and better yet, close to a place you regularly go anyway. If you have a regular drop off, then it is motivation to go through your belongings and pare down… and it’s easier to get them out of your house!

5. Donate books or movies to the library.

If you’ve bought a book and read it, why not donate it to a local library? I have a personal collection of about 10 books, but anything else I donate to the library after reading. It both makes space in your own home, and allows you to share the material with others.

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