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I bought shoes! That’s right, even minimalists go shopping. I thought I’d show you the ‘minimalist shoes’ I purchased, and how I like to shop. If you’re interested to know how I look for what I need, then continue reading these guidelines I follow while shopping:

1. Less is more.

Minimalism often involves decluttering, removing physical things from your life, and slowing down consumerism. A great benefit is that when you buy less, you save more. I’ve found that being intentional about what I buy has allowed me to spend more on things I really like. For example, by spending less on impulse items, you’ll have more money to buy one really nice thing rather than 20 items that you don’t really enjoy. Next time you pass up a ‘sale’ at the store, or fight the urge to impulse-buy, think of it as saving money to invest in good quality items instead. Buy less so that you can spend more on the things you really like.

2. Investment pieces.

I have to admit that I haven’t switched to doing this with clothes (I’ll write about clothes purchases later), but I definitely buy shoes according to this rule. I used to by poor quality footwear, and would buy a pair of shoes that I thought was cute, or that was on sale.

Then a few years ago I made the decision to quit spending money on poor quality shoes. I got rid of all my heels and flats, and went out to buy 2 pairs of shoes: one pair of black flats, and one pair of black pumps. Since I spent more money on these and bought better quality, each pair lasted me for years. When I finally had to get rid of them this fall, it was because they were really really worn out. I had got everything I could out of them and was really happy with the original purchase and investment.

3. Comfort.

The other benefit of shopping for better quality shoes is that they’re SO comfortable. No more squeezing into shoes that don’t fit perfectly, and no more wearing shoes that only look cute, but hurt. Nope – I can’t go back. Once you start wearing good quality shoes, you won’t be able to go back either. Added Bonus: it’s better for your knees and back in the long term.

4. Your personal style.

Pin-point your personal style, and you’ll have an easier time creating a capsule wardrobe that you love. For example, I’ve realized that I like classic, yet comfortable pieces. I tend to gravitate towards classic and timeless styles/cuts/colours, and I also want to feel comfortable in the clothes and shoes I’m wearing. One easy way to make a capsule wardrobe work is to have a lot of basic/neutral colours, and then add your favourite accent colours. Black shoes simply work with all of the outfits I have, so that’s what I go with.

5. Shopping based on need.

Shopping based on a need is a very different experience because you’re looking for not only an item (in this case, shoes) but a fairly specific criteria for that item. I wasn’t going to be too picky about exact style and brand, as long as the shoes fit the categories of classic, comfortable, and good quality.

I was so happy with my last 2 pairs of shoes that I ended up buying almost the same shoes again- just slightly different style based on what was available now. I wear the black flats all the time- they’re great with casual dresses, nicer dresses, or jeans. The heels aren’t worn as often, but it’s nice to have one good pair for dressy occasions.

They’re super comfortable and go with almost anything. I love them. Minimalist shopping success!

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