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Simple Adventure: Vancouver

This has been my latest simple adventure: a trip to Vancouver to visit my sister! I flew there to surprise her and stayed for 4 days. Although it wasn’t my first time there, it was my first chance to really sight-see. We walked around Granville Island, watched a show at Theatre Sports League, saw Science World, and hiked on a beautiful day.

Some people have asked what I packed to travel light for this trip. The outfit I wore to travel was: jeans, long-sleeved shirt, cardigan, water-resistant lined jacket, fall waterproof boots. The temperature in Vancouver this time of year is around 14 degrees in the daytime. It rained several days that I was here, so I was happy to have worn my waterproof boots and jacket. I packed with my purse and one bag for clothes.

packing light

Okay, along come the boring photos, but here it is! The ‘extras’ are things that I didn’t pack for our month-long Europe trip. I probably didn’t end up absolutely needing them, but that I wanted for this trip.

Packing Light: Lists

In my blue purse:

  • wallet
  • brush
  • Chromebook, phone, and chargers
  • extras: travel mug

packing light

In the black bag:

  • 2 shirts
  • socks/underwear
  • PJs
  • toiletries
  • blue makeup bag
  • extras: bathing suit
  • extras: 2 gifts for my sister


Hopefully this provides some encouragement to pack light during your next trip. Packing light is helpful when navigating airports, and you don’t have to worry about loosing luggage. On this trip, it was the first time I ended up needing to switch flights and have a different connecting flight too. So with that added chaos in the morning, it was nice to just run from one gate to the next and know that my luggage wouldn’t get left behind.

Even the second bag that I brought is much smaller than a regular carry-on, so there’s guaranteed to be room for it on the flight. I washed one outfit while I was there, and that was enough until I got home.

If you missed the posts about packing for our month-long Europe trip, you can find them here.

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