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‘Why do I still have too much stuff?’

Are you someone who still asks this question? I’ve heard from many readers that they’ve been trying to de-clutter and simplify for a while, but feel that there is still a long way yet to go. Some people have said that they want to be more minimalist. They understand the benefits that simple living can bring, but they just can’t get there.

Well, there are some very general guidelines to determine if you should keep something. Some of these tips include:

  • keep what you are using right now
  • take a serious look at what gets used, and get rid of things that haven’t been used
  • don’t hold onto things ‘just in case’
  • let go of sentiment/guilt we attach to items
  • take a picture if you want to hold onto a memory, and then get rid of the thing
  • keep the things that bring you joy

I’ve helped several people de-clutter different aspects of their lives or houses, and I’ve noticed something else that happens when people struggle to get rid of something. They ask, ‘Can I get rid of this?’.

Yes. Of course you can.

If you need it, or use it, or it brings you joy, then keep it! But if something doesn’t fit in those categories then you are free to let it go. In fact, maybe if you’re asking that question the answer is probably ‘yes’. When people ask ‘Can I get rid of this?’ I’m pretty sure that they’re just vocalizing an inward hesitation, or maybe they’re wanting to keep something for the wrong reason. They’re not actually asking me. But they feel they need to say it…

You have permission to let go of things that you don’t need or don’t want. You can clear out the stuff that weighs you down or doesn’t bring you joy.

You can give yourself permission to let go.

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