simple adventure

Our next simple adventure is upon us. At the end of January, my husband and I booked tickets for a two-part simple adventure in February: Vancouver and Hawaii!


This month I’m leaving Ottawa and flying to Vancouver with my two daughters where we’ll visit with family. Everyone is especially excited for this trip because we’ll get to meet my newborn niece and hold her for the first time. 10 days of new-born snuggles sounds like a wonderful simple adventure to me.


My husband will meet us in Vancouver soon after and we’ll fly together to Hawaii. We’ll be spending one week there and will definitely be soaking up as much sun as we can! My daughters recently saw the new Disney movie ‘Moana’ and have not stopped signing the songs. Anyone who has young daughters knows that when there is a new favourite Disney princess, the songs will be heard throughout your house – all day long. Suffice to say, they were bouncing off the walls when they realized that we really are going to the land of this Disney heroine.

You can follow Simple Adventure on Instagram @lifenotsuff where we’ll share photos throughout our trip.

Benefits of minimalism for our family.

Living with less stuff has opened doors to experiencing wonderful new things as a family. Minimalism has allowed our family to let go of the clutter and excess and therefore focus on other things. When we spend less money on ‘stuff’, then we can save for experiences and travel.

When we choose smaller living and make the conscious decision to live within our means, then there’s some wiggle room in the budget to try new things and see new places. We’ve discovered that we love travelling as a family and we count ourselves so incredibly lucky to have this opportunity. The benefits of simplicity offer us more value than any extra physical clutter in our home ever could.

Our ‘simple adventures‘ are stories of the benefits and new experiences we’ve had as a result of becoming minimalist. Some experiences are smaller, and some are bigger – like when we’re able to travel.

The journey in simplicity and the benefits of minimalism look different for everyone. What will your minimalism journey look like? How far will you go?

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