simplicity and minimalism

Minimalism is about clearing out the clutter and noise in life in order to clearly see the things that really matter. This leads to a life that isn’t necessarily perfect or easy, but a lot more simple.

I’ve been thinking about the journey to minimalism, and although people are lead down this path for varying reasons, we all end up in the same place. Here are two paths that you may find yourself on in the search for simplicity – or perhaps for many people, it is a combination of both.

  1. Removing the excess.
  2. Listening to the heart.

Simplicity can be something that is manifest outwardly in our lives. Maybe your house looks more organized, or your possessions no longer clutter up the counters. Maybe you’ve managed to say no to letting more things, more debt, and more materialism in your life. But if our hearts are cluttered, it will show up in our lives. And really, if our hearts are cluttered, than what was it all for?

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