Day 17. Eliminate paper clutter.

Get rid of the paper clutter; whether it’s mail, the desk, or the filing cabinet. Throw out old receipts, bills, or other paperwork. Don’t worry about sentimental items yet. If you have cards or notes from loved ones, put those aside for now. Unsubscribe from any unnecessary mail that you no longer wish to receive, and move to online billing. Create a system for mail or paper that comes in the house and have a designated place for it to stay until you can go through it.

New Year’s Resolution: Declutter Your Life

Every day in January, there will be a short post with one area to minimize and declutter. There will be tips and tricks, encouraging articles to read, and some advice on how to proceed. Each image and challenge will also be on the Simple Adventure facebook page. Or you can join the facebook group: Declutter You Life for encouragement throughout January. If you want a place to ask questions, share your triumphs, or post your decluttered area, then comment and join the conversation on that day’s post!

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