Day 22. Clear out the junk drawer.

Every house has a catch-all… a place where clutter accumulates easily and we never go through it. Go through your junk drawer, bookshelf, counter, or cupboard- whatever the place is in your home. Remove trash, recycle old papers, relocate needed items to their proper home, and purge unwanted items.

New Year’s Resolution: Declutter Your Life

Every day in January, there will be a short post with one area to minimize and declutter. There will be tips and tricks, encouraging articles to read, and some advice on how to proceed. Each image and challenge will also be on the Simple Adventure facebook page. Or you can join the facebook group: Declutter You Life for encouragement throughout January. If you want a place to ask questions, share your triumphs, or post your decluttered area, then comment and join the conversation on that day’s post!

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