Day 23. Books.

Decluttering books can be difficult, but they’re also a great item to get passed on or donated to a local library. You can read about how I decluttered my bookcase using the KonMari method. Pick up each book and really ask yourself whether it brings you joy. Do you use it on a regular basis, or can you borrow it from the library when you want to read it again? Our family makes good use of the library. This way the kids always have new books to read, and the books get returned after a few weeks so there won’t be clutter in the house either!

New Year’s Resolution: Declutter Your Life

Every day in January, there will be a short post with one area to minimize and declutter. There will be tips and tricks, encouraging articles to read, and some advice on how to proceed. Each image and challenge will also be on the Simple Adventure facebook page. Or you can join the facebook group: Declutter You Life for encouragement throughout January. If you want a place to ask questions, share your triumphs, or post your decluttered area, then comment and join the conversation on that day’s post!

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