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Where do you begin when trying to live more simply?

The ‘How To’ and the ‘Why To’- Which is more important? Well to begin, the ‘How To’ comes after the ‘Why To’.

Minimalism isn’t about de-cluttering or owning a specific number of items. It’s about removing the excess in our lives in order to focus on what matters most. When we remove the material clutter in our lives it helps us more clearly identify our values. We can live a life based on what is most important. Rather than a de-cluttering process, it’s about living intentionally and choosing people and experiences over things. We need to grasp this purpose behind living with less, otherwise our living rooms, closets, cars, and calendars will quickly become cluttered once again.

That being said, if you’re trying to live intentionally and have the feeling of being ‘stuck’ there are some helpful ‘how to’ tips on how to clear the clutter. These help us gain momentum and share our possessions. Learn how to declutter your life while also making more permanent changes for simplicity. Simplicity can touch every aspect of life.

The good news is that by living with less there is more time to invest in the people we love. When we’re not running from one thing to the next, then we have more energy to pursue our passions, do what we love, or listen attentively. And when we’re spending less on stuff we will consequently have more money to save, give generously, or spend on unforgettable experiences.

Live with less stuff to have more life. Create your own simple adventure.

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