emotional clutter

Sometimes it takes removing clutter to realize the true benefits.

Today I was thinking about the emotional benefits of simplifying. Sometimes we need to remove the things that are cluttering our lives in order to see how we really can be more free without it.

Clutter can be anything that weighs us down and impacts us negatively. Physical clutter can cause distraction, worry, stress, and annoyance. That’s why removing the unnecessary can help us to clearly see what is really needed and valuable.

The same applies to our minds and hearts. Clutter and distractions only pulls us away from the things that really matter. And there truly are things that clutter our minds too.

No matter what form it comes in, clutter distracts us.

As an example, I personally find graphically violent or disturbing movies and shows really emotionally draining. I’m not going to tell other people what to do or watch, but I know for me that emotionally disturbing or violent content in movies impacts me negatively. It continues to drain me long after I turn off the television.

And if a show has that effect on me, I have to admit to myself that it’s clutter for my mind and my emotions. My mind, heart and emotions are precious enough that I don’t need unnecessary baggage to weigh me down. I don’t need emotional clutter. Since I’ve learned this about myself, I can reduce what I’m exposed to and therefore clear my mind to focus on other things.

Of course, others might have varying answers about which things get under their skin or cause mental clutter. Be honest with yourself and reflect on what emotionally exhausts you. Pin-point the ‘mind-clutter’ in your life too.  If not TV, maybe there is something else that causes you mental-fatigue too. Maybe it’s social media, gossip, or bad relationships. What drags you down?

Remove the excess in order to focus on what is most important.

If you have a different source of clutter, but a similar experience, then be encouraged to know that it’s not naiveté or immaturity to say no to the things that weigh you down. Limit the things that drain you in order to re-direct your heart’s resources to be better spent. Let your passion and emotions be renewed and direct it towards life-building pursuits in your life.

Say no to what is cluttering your mind – you’ll feel better inside. And it will be manifest on the outside when you’re able to lend more of your passion, emotions, and energy towards the people you love. Declutter your mind, and the fruits will be seen on the outside to make the world a better, less-cluttered place.

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